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Subjects Covered In This Collection

Here you can browse a list of subjects in HEARTH. Each subject features an essay, images and a bibliography of core titles for the discipline. Listed after each are some of the main sub-topics. Some of the accompanying bibliographies are quite large, hence the file size for each is listed. All bibliographies are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The free Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF's is freely available for download from Adobe Corporation.

Applied Arts and Design (essay | bibliography - 89kb PDF file)

Applied Or Decorative Art
Furniture (Design, Upholstery, Refinishing, Repair)

Child Care, Human Development and Family Studies
(essay | bibliography - 322kb PDF file)

Child Care
Child/Human Development
Family Relations/Studies
Human Sexuality
Public Policy Related To The Above Topics

Clothing and Textiles (essay | bibliography - 247kb PDF file)

Clothing Production And Upkeep (Including Sewing And Laundry Work)
Fashion And Clothing Choice
Textile/Fiber Science
Fashion Design

Food and Nutrition (essay | bibliography - 165kb PDF file)

Cookery / Home Cooking (Including Home Processing And Experimental Foods, But Excluding Cookbooks)
Nutrition And Dietetics
Food Science
Marketing And Food Purchasing

Home Management (essay | bibliography - 71kb PDF file)

Family Economics (Including Budgets)
Home Management
Efficiency (Ergonomics, Motion Studies)
Management Of Domestic Employees
Economics Of Household Production/Rural Enterprise
Economics As An Academic Discipline
Standard Of Living

Housekeeping and Etiquette (essay | bibliography - 255kb PDF file)

Housekeeping Manuals (Not Including Laundry)

Housing, Furnishing and Home Equipment
(essay | bibliography - 101kb PDF file)

Housing (Architecture, Siting, Construction, But Only Publications Aimed At A Lay Audience)
Interior Design (As Related To Efficiency And Health)
Home Equipment
Housing Policy

Hygiene (essay | bibliography - 134kb PDF file)

Household Sanitation
Care Of The Sick
Personal Hygiene And Grooming
Public Health

Institutional Management (essay | bibliography - 33kb PDF file)

Hospitality Industry
Institutional Nutrition
Service Agency Administration

Retail and Consumer Studies (essay | bibliography - 18kb PDF file)

Marketing/Merchandising (Including Communicating With Consumers, Home Service Merchandising)
Other Retail Activities
Consumer Education, Protection, And Advocacy
Consumer Co-Operatives

Teaching and Communication (essay | bibliography - 72kb PDF file)

Home Economics Education
Home Economics Textbooks
Home Extension (As A Topic In Itself-Extension Publications Are Excluded)

Photo of dress on mannequin



Measuring an apartment baby.

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